60 Years Ago, The Modernist City of Brasília Was Built From Scratch

“An excellent example of that is how the city does not have the typical street life of other traditional Brazilian cities. In this sense, Brasílias strategy is far too stiff, an issue intensified by its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which restricts redevelopment, in spite of the citys significant population development.” Brasília is now the fourth-largest city in the home and the country to more than 2.5 million individuals, yet less than 10 percent are citizens of the Pilot Plan area.
Photo: Francisco Andrade/Getty ImagesYet theres still a sense of pride in the capital city. “If you talk with citizens of Brasília, they instantly will tell you just how much they love their city and that they would never ever transfer to any other Brazilian city,” states Dr. Lehmann. And its essential to acknowledge the citys successes, too, particularly in the progressive ideals of the concept, the now renowned and significant architecture, and the remarkable speed at which the development was completed.” When I think of Brasília, Im still in disbelief concerning the capability to realize a dream of such scale and aspiration, which is completely extraordinary,” states Boston-based designer Amir Kripper, who was born in Brazil. “At the very same time, it makes me enthusiastic that with the best political environment, a brighter future is possible and achievable.”