Brigette Romanek, Tiffany Thompson, and Others Share Their Fall Mood Boards

Tiffany Thompson, Duett Interiors” This fall combination was motivated by Yakushima, an island in Japan that is deeply woody and thick, while still providing a sexy feel. My objective with this state of mind board is to take on the extremely nature of fall, creating a distinct psychological reaction to the seasonal shift. Brigette Romaneks fall mood board.
Brigette Romanek, Romanek Design Studio” Some people say there are no seasons in Los Angeles, but no matter where I remain in the world, the day after Labor Day, I feel a visceral shift towards fall all around me. With the onset of shorter days, warm colors, and the altering quality of the light, I gravitate towards soft, textured fabrics and rich amber hues– dreamy year-round, but never ever better than in the fall! The relationship between indoor and outdoor, nature and habitable functionality inspires all of my work, and never more than throughout this season when I like to play off of the warm, glowing quality of the afternoon light, mixing metals and other warm, reflective products into my style. To me, the dialogue in between harder metal surfaces, abundant colors, and relaxing fabrics produces the best combination of convenience and elegance, drawing from the appeal we see outdoors to produce interior environments where we want to huddle with a blanket and never ever want to leave.”.