Business Aren’t Rushing to Order Furniture for Their Reconfigured Offices

With some companies now carefully returning parts of their workforce to the workplace, the furniture suppliers who desire to help them browse the evolving look of the workplace are largely still waiting for those orders to begin coming in.Thats placed companies like Herman Miller in a sort of awkward holding pattern. The renowned maker of the common Aeron chair saw enough of a surge in house workplace orders to exceed earnings expectations and improve their stock cost, however the relative uptick of new corporate orders in August and September hasnt pressed them back into their pre-pandemic position.In order to satisfy a new type of need, nevertheless, they have to invest time and cash into figuring out what the workplace of the future looks like, at a time when the Wall Street Journal reports their net sales declined to $626.8 million for the quarter ending August 29. Still, the hope is that Herman Miller and other workplace furniture makers will be able to tap into pent-up need once companies are ready– its just a matter of when that occurs.