Inside a ’70s-Inspired Home That Gives Us Poolside Vibes

2 other spaces that are given special treatment are the restroom, which features the same white tile on the flooring however wood-clad walls and a bathtub, “like in a boat,” says Marion. “We like radical style, books, artwork, and enjoyable,” states Marion, and the home perfectly shows all of those predilections.”Im a big fan of Italian design particularly from the 1970s and 1980s, like Sottsass, Scarpa, and Gae Aulenti,” states Marion.
The artwork ranges from sculptural pieces to paintings, and greenery is placed around the living room in uncommon planters.
⚒ Do It YourselfEmbrace the eclectic Marions art work varies from little, sculptural pieces to bigger, vibrant paintings. Do not restrict yourself to one design, size, or kind of artwork.Ground your home One of the most crucial and constant elements in the house is the white tile mosaic flooring, which Marion states is “among the most characteristic aspects of the house.” Its an unanticipated choice for some spaces, like a bed room, so consider including other flooring like carpet in specific locations.Mix various ages Select styles are classic from the 1970s and 1980s, however Marion keeps them feeling contemporary and fresh by putting them with more modern-day pieces and surfaces. Store It OutGlacier ceramic mosaic floor and wall tile by Daltile, $2.57/ square foot, homedepot.comClassic bed linen in graphite grid by Brooklinen, $119 brooklinen.comTwo-handle bath component in light blue by Vola, en.vola.comHandkerchief Planters by Jayson Home, from $50, jaysonhome.comThe polished surfaces in the cooking area and dining location reflect the sufficient sunlight and the white surface areas and materials of the room.