Inside AD’s Ultimate Guide to the Best Design in Transport

Ferrari Roma: The mid-20th-century La Dolce Vita minute– when Italian design and movie dominated the world– is reimagined for our early 21st century with this manifestly beautiful $225,000 2 +2 grand tourer. Powered by a 611 hp turbocharged V8, it will rip from zero to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds on its method to a 199 miles per hour top speed, and look great doing it.Interior of the Lucid Air-2.
Image: Courtesy of LucidLucid Air: The buzzworthy electrical car start-up takes on Teslas dominant Model S with this good-looking luxury sedan. Including more power (1,080 hp), more variety (517 miles), more guest and freight area, more free charging (3 years), and remarkable interior products than Elons sedan, the $139,000 Air Grand Touring nearly ends up being a bargain.OTHERA appearance within the Bowlus Road Chief-2.
Image: Courtesy of Bowlus Road Chief: Hawley Bowlus constructed the worlds first Streamline Moderne riveted aluminum trailers back in the mid-thirties– pre-Airstream. This revival of his name and designs leads to a $225,000, battery-powered mobile dream lined in premium fabric, birch plywood, polished metal, and skylights– like a Swedish summer home on wheels.The Triton 1650 7-1.
Picture: Courtesy of TritonTriton Subs: Triton is a leader in the classification of individual submersibles– private submarines for luxury yachts, movie teams, or scientists. Subs seat from two to 7 individuals and can dive from 300 to 11,000 meters undersea. The prices for their 10 designs run from seven to eight figures. Deep-pocketed clients can custom-design their own specialty sub.The SilentYachts Silent 80.
Image: Courtesy of SilentYachtSilentYacht Silent 80: This $6.5 million ship eliminates the ecological deterioration endemic in yacht with a solar-charged, battery-powered experience. This radical power train likewise eliminates the noise, fumes, waste, and maintenance of petrol-powered vessels, though it has an onboard gas generator to charge the batteries on cloudy days.The InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle.
Photo: Courtesy of InMotionInMotion V11 Electric Unicycle: Electric unicycles are odd. Self-balancing one-wheel cars indicated for brief commutes to work, through school, or to public transit hubs, they reek of hubris and damaged bones. However this $1,999 model has an integrated shock absorber, brake lights, and kickstand, and can go 75 miles on a charge at speeds of up to 31 miles per hour.

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