Inside the Rise in Demand for Travel Art

The Monterey, California– based great artist Joaquin Turner, whose work concentrates on distinct landscapes in the Monterey Peninsula, has seen an interest for paintings that record a local color. “Ive checked out multiple current studies that show that art, whether it remain in a gallery, museum, or the home, can have a very favorable influence on both physical and psychological health,” he says. His more recent pieces, painted in more rural and separated settings, have a more contemplative and introspective feeling, and he has actually seen that individuals– specifically collectors who live beyond the immediate location– are more drawn to that subject matter.A Strong Demand for Travel PhotographyLe Rêve dune Abeille, a picture by James Miille, which sold during the pandemic.
Image: James MiilleJames Miille, a cofounder and handling partner at Superfine! Art Fair, which puts young collectors in touch with cutting-edge works by the worlds leading woman, Black, queer, and LGBT+ emerging artists, says that hes been surprised at the level of art sales during the pandemic in travel-related and basic art in specific.” Despite needing to pivot and funnel resources into our virtual e-fairs throughout the year, weve in fact had equivalent art sold versus 2019s Superfine! Art Fairs,” he says, noting that well over $100,000 worth of art has been sold online. “With purchasers and collectors having immediate availability– art at their fingertips– weve seen substantial sales across all disciplines and mediums.” Miille adds that he has offered to lots of new collectors recently.Some of his pictures that were offered during the pandemic consist of Between the Leap and the Abyss and Le Rêve dune Abeille– both from a summer season journey to Provence last August, which he explains as “a sweltering hot vacation.” Some hospitality-related business have actually made the effort to partner with photographers so their customers can keep their travel-related memories alive. Chateau Montelena in Napa Valley, California, keeps in mind that because of the tasting-room closures in Napa, lots of people were forced to cancel their journeys to Californias red wine nation; it partnered with photographer Brandon McGanty to a limited-edition shot of the vineyards Jade Lake.Exhibits With Travel ThemesBeachwalk Dusk, a painting by Mira Lehr
Picture: Mira Lehr.