Meryanne Loum-Martin on the Mesmerizing Style of Marrakesh

Marrakeshs design vocabulary is one of simultaneous contrasts: stylistically varied yet authentically Moroccan; appreciative of architecture while likewise intoxicated by color, art, and decor; dramatic minutes that summon a lovely sense of peace. Its a combination style that “is possible in Morocco without ever betraying the essence of the nation where were living,” states Meryanne Loum-Martin in this weeks episode of The AD Aesthete podcast, returning for its 4th season hosted by ADVERTISEMENT decorative arts editor Mitchell Owens.Become an AD PRO MemberBuy now for unrestricted access and all of the benefits that just members get to experience.ArrowIf ever there was a veritable guide for showing the citys style contrasts, it d be Loum-Martin, who left Paris for Marrakesh in 1985 and went on to open Jnane Tamsna, the celebrated shop hotel nestled within the lush gardens of Palmeraie. In this weeks episode Loum-Martin digs more into the citys culturally varied design past, its greatest industry contributors– including Bill Willis, “the original master of the Marrakesh style”– and the serendipitous story behind the starting of Jnane Tamsna.