Moore & Giles Unveils an Array of Playfully Patterned Leathers

Printing on leather permitted the same subtlety in color and texture that I find on paper,” reflects artist Amber Khokhar. Designer Amber Khokhar with a variation of her Decagram leather, developed around a 10-point-star concept.
A subtle, bauhaus-inspired gradation distinguishes Wander leather by designer Jonathan Saunders.

Printing on leather permitted the exact same subtlety in color and texture that I discover on paper,” shows artist Amber Khokhar. “It enabled me to paint as I normally paint.” She is among 5 U.K.-based talents who have actually teamed up with the British leather expert Bill Amberg to produce a brand-new collection of clearly patterned, digitally printed hides for Moore & & Giles. Designer Amber Khokhar with a version of her Decagram leather, established around a 10-point-star concept.
Helen CathcartRealized using natural pigments, her constellation of stars is joined by other geometric motifs: subtle, Bauhaus-inspired stripes by designer Jonathan Saunders and groovy graphics by designer Yinka Ilori. (The latters production, initially developed in Photoshop for a cover of Jason Reynoldss best-selling book For Every One, records “what dreams appear like as a pattern.”) A subtle, bauhaus-inspired gradation identifies Wander leather by designer Jonathan Saunders.
Helen CathcartArtist Kesewa Aboah, meanwhile, covered a friend in pigment and coconut oil, then pressed her body to paper, creating a vibrant, not-quite-figurative effect reminiscent of Yves Kleins Anthropometry series. And furnishings designer Bethan Gray painted rippling boat sails.
Helen CathcartAmberg, whose atelier has actually long produced bespoke aspects for designers and architects like Alexandra Champalimaud and Peter Marino, began checking out digital printing just a couple of years ago however considers it the latest advancement in the products long, abundant history. “Think of the illuminated wall panels in Florence or the hand-painted hides developed by Native Americans,” he says.
Helen Cathcart.