Peace Deals in Place, Wealthy Gulf Arabs Are Boosting Israel’s Super-Prime Real Estate Market

“Tel Avivs fairly moderate summer seasons and varied leisure and entertainment scene is sure to appeal to Emiratis,” he says, “and is much closer, geographically, than European resorts and destinations. Theyre looking at Rothschild Boulevard– one of the most pricey streets in Tel Aviv– and have actually allocated $2 million to $3 million.Then there are the “incredibly broad briefs” Beauchamp is fielding from ultra-high-net-worth Emiratis.”One property Fridman is flagging for Emirati buyers is a $65 million baroque penthouse in Tel Aviv that could put Versailles to pity: Located off Royal Beach, the crown gem atop the Sea One Tower has Empire-style home furnishings, an official dining space with seating for 16, and floor-to-ceiling windows ignoring the Mediterranean.Penthouse atop Tel Avivs Sea One tower.
Sothebys International IsraelThough its the only part of the city that touches the water, Tel Avivs beachfront was long the citys last undeveloped tract. Now its the “Golden Kilometer,” with a raft of luxury apartments and hotels. Genuine estate handle the corridor topped $1 billion in the past decade, according to the New York Times.While the doors are opening to a profitable new market, meeting their needs is no mean task: Emiratis are accustomed to high-end rental properties and high-end high-rises in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and are trying to find trophy residential or commercial properties at the very same level or perhaps higher.Beauchamp is targeting a $30 million mega-penthouse on HaYarkon Street as its first super-prime house in Israel to offer to a wealthy sheik or mogul.Designed by Israeli company Bar Orion, the duplex atop HaYarkon 29 covers the buildings 16th and 17th floorings in entirety. Theres more than 5,700 square feet of living area (accessed by personal elevator, of course), while outdoors, a private roof terrace houses an infinity swimming pool and jacuzzi, roofing system garden, and 360-degree views of the city, shoreline, and the sea.

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