Re-create Your Own Version of These Italian Villa Bathrooms From Palazzo Avino

Perched atop a hill with cascading green terraces near Italys Amalfi Coast sits Palazzo Avino, a 12th-century personal villa turned shop hotel in the captivating town of Ravello. “Its a magical town, suspended in time and area,” states designer and designer Cristina Celestino, who just recently finished a capsule collection of seven spaces and suites for the hotel that have plenty of fascinating colors, elegant natural stone, and delightful historical details.” The hotel is like a pink mirage in the middle of terraces of olive and citrus trees,” explains Cristina.
Since of the buildings history, each of the hotels rooms and suites is unique, with its own distinct layout. For her capsule job, Cristina took cues from “the marvels of the Italian gardens of Ravello, and the odyssey of forgotten legends of the Tyrrhenian Sea,” she shows, producing a fascinating, attractive atmosphere through the usage of light, product, and color selections.
” For the bathrooms, I desired them to be a precious alcove, a wunderkammer for self-care,” states Cristina, referring to the German word for a cabinet of interests, a place where precious items and special items were kept for personal, secluded appreciation. Cristina provided what she describes as “preciousness” to the lavatories and sinks, positioning them under arches that extend out from the wall, producing niches that imitate the shapes seen in other places in the building.