This Contraption Will Change the Way You Ride the Subway

In what feels like one hundred years earlier, a.k.a. December, I met with Tanni Xu, the creator and developer of Raro, a things and homewares line based in New York City. Your arms wont feel as strained day-to-day and you wont feel as earned out by touching all the shared poles on the subway.A tribute to the green “boro” cabs you see around the 5 external boroughs, this Straphanger is called Boro.
Photo: Courtesy of RaroThe piece folds up perfectly for simple stowing.
Picture: Courtesy of RaroSo what is this gizmo? The Straphanger, which finally made its launching in the world this month, is a portable subway handle for your day-to-day (or ultimate) commutes. Plus, it simply looks so cool.Called Ace, this was the very first colorway to make it into the world.
Photo: Courtesy of RaroThe tangerine leather strap for this variation is inspired by New York Citys precious taxis..
Picture: Courtesy of Raro.