We’re Loving This Stone Age Trend

Along those lines, weve seen a fantastic venture into chunky stone furnishings that makes us think of both the cartoon city of Bedrock and extremely trendy holidays in Greece. Lets call it the high-design Stone Age pattern with all the monolithic tables and white plastered walls.
Courtesy of Tigmi TradingEqually rocklike, the base of the Otti coffee table (by Metopë Studio) is made from Australian siltstone, which has a distinct composition that is rich in clay with minor traces of iron, providing it that excellent texture and coloring with traces of red, orange, purple, and pink.
Courtesy of Tigmi TradingAnother Stone Age appeal originating from Australia is by Future Collective. The team, which is all about sculptural statement furnishings that checks out natural forms and textures, is a collaboration in between Pip Newell, James Bligh, and Chelsea Wilson, in partnership with Curated Spaces. We like this pillar console.
Jacquie ManningIf you desire a tailor-made bedrock screen case, this is for you.
Jacquie ManningThe monolith lamp base is made from aerated concrete, and the shade is made up of snow-colored Belgium linen.
Jacquie ManningThe interior of the new Hôtel Le Sud was developed by Stéphanie Lizée, and in the middle of the unbelievable sandstone, wicker, stripes, and terra-cotta, the recessed shelves in the plastered walls are a certain emphasize.
Valerio GeraciEven Urban Outfitters is in on the trend with this MDF bookshelf with a synthetic stucco surface.
Thanks To Urban OutfittersDesigned by Caleb Zipperer, this coffee table mixes glass, brass, and stone for Flintstones-meets-vintage-inspired style thatll undoubtedly give your living space an entire make over.
Thanks to CB2